At the Outset

Founded in 2061 BS as Kshitiz Aavasiya Higher Secondary School, instigated its first intake under the name of Liverpool International HSS/College (HSEB Registration No. 7672) in the Academic Session -2068/69 with the boys to girls’ ratio of 60/40.

Students’ Personal care, counselling and guidance are the topmost priorities of the College from the very day. As a result, the performance and the achievement of the students have made Liverpool a proud institution in the country.

Practical knowledge-based and innovation-friendly experimental teaching, value education, stimulating learning environment are a few steps the college has been implementing for the students’ comprehensive and competitive development to ensure the better higher studies in their further and future life span.

IAO Accrediated
Notice Board Number


20 July 2015

Section Division

The followings are the Sections for Grade XI: L (Day Shift) & P (Morning Shift) alphabets are used for Science and C for Management. According to the information provided to us at the time of Admission, we have divided the shifts. If the shift is to be change, kindly contact to Arjun Adhkari (Director) sir, the section changed is not allowed.

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