Liverpool International College

In this modern era of education it is important that a student should be well versed and acquainted with the latest available technologies that act as important tools in the field of research and education. Over the years,  teaching methodologies within the classroom are becoming obsolete and modified into a combination of both lecture-based as well as participatory method.

Our classrooms and Science laboratories are equipped with provisions for power-point presentations to aid teaching. E-library with facilities for student to access materials from e-books, e-journals further enhances and builds up the ability of the students to research related topics on their own.

Smart card system for inclusive attendance record of students ensures that the day to day record of the students can be strictly monitored and made available to the parents for verification.

Individual attention ranks high on our list of priorities with planned approach to incorporate career counseling, guidance, interaction classes by experts from different walks of life to mould our students so as to achieve completeness in their individual personalities. Apart from the regular curricula, we aim to incorporate personal development sessions and education in human values encompassing different facets of life.

Frequent trainings and workshops for students such as public speaking, personality development, leadership development, involvement in social services etc will be organized, visits to commercial industries, organizational visits to different corporate houses for management students, educational excursions will be arranged at appropriate periods in tune with the academic calendar.

Principal's Message

Dear aspiring students,

We are committed to providing holistic education for the betterment of students. Liverpool Int’l Higher Secondary School/ College is fully dedicated to quality education focusing on modern technology as teaching learning tool. Introducing e-library, multimedia presentation both by teachers and students, and math-lab are the few examples of the same.

Dr. Bidhya Adhikari
  • IAO Accreditated