Liverpool SS/ College

Till few decades back, aspirant quality-education-seeking-parents had to think up of different places of the neighboring countries for their children’s better learning environment and facilities. Despite of the remarkably high costs, various hiccups of keeping them away from home, different language, cultural and social values, they were forced taking the children there with heavy heart.  The pathetic parents had no other way out; they were forced, more forced!

Observing this ever-ending, deeply-rooted educational needs, with the dawn of March in 2010, a group of time-tested mentors reached to a decision to amass the speckled think-tanks for opening up a port of Global Education & Technology under the banner of Liverpool Education Network, Pvt. Ltd. to impart world-class education in our own land to address and minimize the neighborhood-dependency in education to some extent.


Dear Parents, Guardians & Students.. Liverpool is synonymous for quality education from its inception as we are committed to providing smart education encompassing modern technologies as teaching learning tools. In order to enhance holistic development of the students, we have focused on extra-curricular activities along with the development of other soft skills in addition to their regular studies. We never compromise…..Read More