Liverpool College


Reminder: NEB Exam Form

Please read the following points carefully:

  1. NEB Exam Form: NEB has called for filling up the Board Examination form, so we have planned to fill up it from Magh 5, 2078. The Detailed Class-wise list will be given 2 days earlier in your group. If any student failed to submit it on time, College will not be responsible for it.
  2. Vaccination: We have coordinated to get vaccinated at College on Magh 3, 2078. Students should fill up the attached form and come to college for getting vaccinated after 10:00 AM.
  3. Classes: As per the directive of the Ministry of Education, all the classes will be online from tomorrow (i.e., Poush 28) till the further Notice. Our Platform will be Google Meet and students must honestly take these classes. We will follow the same class routine as far as possible.

The Principal