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Research and Resources

Research and Resources

A conducive environment for learning…
The opportunities to learn through hands-on approach or practical research at Liverpool College are virtually endless. You will be encouraged and ably supported by our dedicated faculty personnel who value the opportunity to work with high school students and beginning freshman year, you can pursue projects as part of your normal academic program, maintaining a fine balance.
Are you looking for a college with resources and value how important they are? We have these: well-stocked library, safe campus buildings with spacious classrooms, well-equipped laboratories devoted to science and research and multi-media room for presentations. In addition to these, you can seek for help at the Information desk of the administrative office, seek career advice at the Office of a Guidance counselor, request a tutor for academic support, collaborate with peers during group study. Every effort is made to provide a conducive environment for learning.

Dreams into REALITY

Reach New Heights

Uttam Shrestha
Standford University,
SAT I Score: 1590/1600
SAT II Score : 1580/1600
… a port for Excellence …
For a student of this generation, it is vital that he/she is adept, not only in academics but is endowed with the qualities of a complete all-round student. Therefore, you are encouraged to take part in various activities for your overall development. The College has earmarked certain aspects like dramatics, music, debate, quiz, impromptu speech rendition, formation of clubs for science-related activities, a literary club as well as field sports/games like basketball, cricket, soccer, table-tennis, etc. for the active participation of the students.

Life Outside the Classroom
Get Involved

Your education will extend far beyond your courses. Joining extracurricular activities will complement your studies and create wonderful opportunities for friendship and learning. Student activities range in skill levels; you can pursue life-long passions or novel interests.

Sophiya Khadka

Bronze Medalist

3rd Int’l Taekwondo Poomsae Championship

Winner @ Cash 50,000

Inter-college Futsal Tournament–2018

High School Societies: In Colleges and Universities societies are organizations founded and run by students to practice and propagate a certain professional hobby or cause and to promote personal development. Examples of common societies found in most Colleges are debate society, an international student society etc. Students typically join societies at the beginning of the academic year when many societies present themselves and campaign to attract new members. The societies are presided over by a faculty in charge.

Sport is all forms of competitive physical activity which through casual or organized participation, aim to use, maintain or improve physical fitness and provide entertainment to participating students. At Liverpool, students have access to a wide range of such sports like Basketball, Cricket, Soccer, Badminton, Volleyball
and TT.

Drama is the specific mode of fiction represented in performance. Students involved in dramatics and theatre learn to express their emotions through performances. 

Science & Technology Club carries out research and demonstration through workshops and exhibitions to display modern scientific findings and cut-edge technology. It is equipped with all ultra-modem instrument and focuses on the technology suitable for Nepal.

Literary Club conducts poem competition, essay competition, etc. and contributes few articles,  short stories, anecdotes, etc. for wall magazine and College souvenir. It is also responsible to update current affairs and breaking stories of a particular day. 

Debating is  also carried out in the Colleges for educational and recreational purposes, usually associated with educational establishments. The major goal of the study of debate as a method of art is to develop in students the ability to debate rationally from position with equal ease. Debate is a method of  interactive and representational argument and builds upon the skills of Interaction among students and helps  them to get their views across logically. 

Art is a term that describes a diverse range of student activities and the products of those activities, but mostly in student activities it refers to the visual arts, which cover the creation of images or objects in fields including sketching, painting, sculpture, print-making, movie-making, photography, and other visual media.

Music: A college band is a group of student musicians who rehearse and perform instrumental music together. A school band consists of wind instruments like flutes, and percussion instruments like drums, congo along with string instruments like guitar. 

e-Club is yet another interesting club in Liverpool. It conducts quiz competitions and operates model test of medical and engineering entrance examinations. This is also responsible to manage the events organized by students/College. This club is encouraged to get sponsors from different sources to organize the events.

Celebration with Friends

Be a Part of Tradition

Liverpool is steeped in great social traditions, ones in which you will participate as a student. They will add depth and texture to your student experience. These traditions may evolve over time to reflect the interests of the students, but one thing is consistent for everyone-you will make friendships that will last a lifetime. In your classroom, on the field, around a seminar table, across the table in the cafeteria, you will meet and get to know people who will enrich your thinking, your career and your life.

Pave the way to Success

Learning Pedagogy
& Faculty Strength

Faculty members, who keep abreast of modern teaching pedagogies, deliver their lectures making use of multimedia and visual aids besides white boards in the class-room. Our classroom delivery are finely balanced between oratory method as well as participatory method that involve the interaction between students and faculty members. Manageable numbers of students are placed in a class so as to enable faculty to give students required individual attention. 

The performance and progress of each student is monitored closely and shall be discussed with the parents/guardians during the pre-scheduled parent-faculty meetings after every major term examinations. However, in case of academically challenged students, such interactions will be scheduled more on need come basis. 

Renowned academicians and personalities from different fields and walks of life are invited to deliver lectures on pragmatic and current issues from time to time so as to provide knowledge beyond the confines of a course-work.