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Message from the Principal


Message From the Principal

Message from the Principal

Dear Parent, Student and Well-wisher,

Welcome to Liverpool School and College!

Liverpool, by name, is an established proud institution in the country for the quality education for years. Every year, we are rushed by a huge number of bright students for the new intake because of our graduates who get better placements at home and abroad which has encouraged and inspired us to work even harder.

We focus on hard-work, culture and discipline which help an individual to be a considerate responsible social being for developing adaptive mind, coming over the primitive mindset. Our blended CCA and ECA activities have fostered the students’ ability to the next level. We are indebted to all our associate members to bring the institution to this stage. I would like to extend my hearty gratitude to all the well-wishers who directly or indirectly contribute themselves for crafting, nurturing and admiring us. Quality prevails in action, and our action is revealed by our students who have been serving the society in different roles. Thank you all for the good work and do keep suggesting, supporting and admiring us!

Bidhya Adhikari, PhD